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Drop in alcohol sales takes Shoprite shares down 10%
17 November 2020  | 17 November 2020

“Mergence Investment Managers’ analyst Lulama Qongqo said the group’s results tracked the performance of the country’s major retailers. “The sales growth numbers are tracking behind expectations due to their inability to trade liquor as per normal years where there were no government restrictions. However, this is temporary. The surprise here is that the liquor impact was material way beyond expectation,” Qongqo said..”

Vodacom sees explosion in data usage during lockdown
16 November 2020  | 16 November 2020

Peter Takaendesa, analyst at Mergence Investment Manager says Vodacom’s growth in users in SA, buoyed by an uptick in demand for connectivity across the telecoms sector, is “encouraging” but will slow slightly as the growth rate normalises.”

It’s digital banking gone crazy as banks join e-commerce – but why?
16 November 2020  | 16 November 2020

“Banks are using their apps and digital platforms to win customers over in the fast pased world..”

Telkom set to divide and conquer
15 November 2020  | 15 November 2020

“The much-anticipated unbundling of Telkom is imminent, with CEO Sipho Maseko saying this week that the group’s first step in the process – the introduction of a third party investor for its mast and towers division – would be completed by the end of March next year.”

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on company valuations
13 November 2020  | 13 November 2020

Robbie Gonsalves and Sholto Piek, from Mergence Corporate Solutions, takes a look at the impact of COVID-19 on company valuations.